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Production and sales of wood briquettes

COPO, a company specializing in the manufacture of wood briquettes, was founded in 2011 in Hélécine. A new family team, active in wood processing, was put in place in October 2023. Denis Maréchal, Carl Zéler and Thierry Maréchal benefit from long experience in various wood sectors and are committed to offering quality products. Wood briquettes are manufactured in Virton, in the heart of the forest, to guarantee a constant supply.COPO wood briquettes are distributed in Belgium, Luxembourg and France.

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Our main activities are the production and sale of wood briquettes from wood that has not been recycled in the forestry or horticultural circuit. We also distribute wood chips for boilers, with the aim of ensuring regular supplies and using local resources to avoid transporting fuel over long distances.

We offer our customers an ecological product manufactured in a sustainable manner.

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Our wooden briquettes

COPO briquettes are made from forest materials. We collect chips from primary and secondary wood processing. Chips harvested in this way often have a moisture content of less than 12%. If this is not the case, the chips can be dried a second time, ensuring perfect wood cohesion, optimal combustion and warm flames.

No additional additives are required to manufacture COPO briquettes. The high pressure (300 bar) developed by the press creates a strong rise in temperature. Under the effect of the heat, the lignin naturally contained in the wood is released and, as it cools, becomes a natural binder.

Our briquettes are ideal for domestic use. COPO briquettes are suitable for all types of fireplaces: open fires, cassettes, wood stoves… There’s no need to buy new equipment to benefit from their advantages.

Our other products and services

  1. Forestry chips
  2. Miscanthus
  3. Home delivery
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Forestry chips

Forestry chips are produced from the shredding of forestry by-products such as tree tops and branches, as well as from forest clearing operations.

They can supply wood chip boilers or be used as mulch to cover soils.

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Miscanthus is a plant of the grass family used mainly as mulch. It’s a perfect solution for natural and organic gardens, as miscanthus cultivation requires no fertilizer.

This organic mulch protects the soil, limits moisture evaporation and inhibits weed growth.

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Home delivery

We can deliver COPO briquettes on « bulk » pallets or in « packaged » pallets.

The last few meters to your garage are carried out by an all-terrain pallet truck. Consult our price list.

Interested in our offer? Please contact us!

You can reach us by telephone on +32490226871 or by e-mail to Monday to Friday, 1:00 pm to 6:00 pm.